Lyons Floor Designs

Erin Chicago Skyline
Interlock Diamond Interlock Rectangle
Chile Phoenix
Starlight Small Honeycomb
Small Blocks Name/Logo/Date
Blocks Kelly
Reflection Small Honeycomb
Starbright Cross
Deer Track Fish Scale
Linear Square Villa
Star Golden Wheat
Large Honeycomb Rose
Jenny Multi Summit
Belt Trifecta D
Trifecta R Pine Tree
Cards Stackers
Time Square Glacier
Crossword Rose
Square Villa w/ Tile Hypno
Pinwheel Britt
The Village Windmill

Featured Design

  • The Glacier Design would look great in any kitchen. The tile may also be integrated into your backsplash!

  • Have a great idea for design? We can custom make anything you have in mind! Just click the link to give us your idea!